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Took my very clean 1996 Dodge 2500 4X4 in to Spartanburg SC Amoco. Had roaring noise in 4X4 shifter. They kept it for 7 days. They said it was a bad transfer case. I questioned them about replacing the entire TC - told them I wanted to see the the old one. I had my doubts about it but I agreed to have them replaced it since they assured me it was the problem. I even called back in an hour and questioned the manager again about replacing the entire TC - he said it was best to replace it. My gut told me different but I didn't listen and I should have.. Picked the truck up today - minus $1800 for the TC and a rear end seal. Truck was completely filthy - grease and oil all over it - inside and out. Called the manager out to the parking lot - he tried to clean it up - now I'm really pissed. Drove the truck no more than 45 seconds and the same noise is still there in the head spins around twice ..! Turn around go back, now manager is in truck for a ride. The bottom line here is I determined there was nothing wrong with my TC - they just put another one in for the *** of it - one other thing, they stuffed padding under the floor boot at the shifter the hide the noise...!!!!! I gave them 24 hrs. to find the problem - I'll be there at 18 hrs. the get my truck and my refund. I should never have left my truck there today...worried now. I called over there and told the manager do not drop any drive shafts down or remove any parts from my truck unless I'm there. If you're going to screw someone make sure that someone doesn't know more than you.

7 days without my truck - truck is filthy - was not permitted to talk to mechanic - temporarily spent $1800 for, it ain't over.

Note: Of course they don't have the old transfer case after I said I wanted to see it. He said it had metal chunks in it - I told him he must have put the " metal chunks " in the new TC since the I have the same roaring noise.

Got to go - getting mad all over again..! I'll be there when they open in the morning. Beware and be warned of Spartanburg, SC Amoco.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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